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    The number one skydiving podcast in the UK and Europe. We've been running since March 2014. We've published more than 50 episodes and get about 1300 downloads per episode.


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    Headline Interviews

    Amazing skydivers from around Europe and the world

    Interviews with the biggest names in the sport on a variety of topics. We range from probing awkward questions to sycophantic gushing when we meet our heroes.

    Where is this then?

    School of Hard Knocks ("SoHK")

    No shit there I was...

    Our most popular segment. We spend a couple of minutes with an experienced skydiver with more than a thousand jumps. They tell us about a funny/sad/painful/scary moment in their logbook. And most importantly they tell us what they learnt so that you don't make the same mistake. 

    Front Cover Photo

    Every podcast has an image embedded.

    Our sport is so deliciously visual. We couldn't possibly just talk about our sport and not share some of our favourite images.


    The front cover is embedded in our MP3 files and is our facebook cover photo for the duration that each show is the most recent.


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    Back Cover Photo

    Because not everything we do is in the sky.

    The "Front Cover" is for photos taken in the sky. We're a 'skydiving' podcast, not a 'standing' podcast.  The "Back Cover" allows us the opportunity to publish and show worthy photos that don't necessarily involve in the sky activities.


    Check out our Back Cover photos on facebook.

    Thought for the Podcast ("TftP")

    Have you ever thought about approaching it like this...

    Much of skydiving instruction is physical. Do this. Flare at this height. Fly with your arms in this position. TftP is designed for the mental aspect of the sport. Think like this. Have you considered that. These are harder to come by than a SoHK story but when you hear one, you'll love it. 

    Ask The Expert ("AtE")

    Your questions answered

    We speak to various experts in their field and get them to explain topics in depth so that you can learn from them.

    15 Seconds of Fame

    Andy Warhol says...

    If you want to be on the next show, we'd love to hear from you. The best way is to record an audio message and email it to us studio@radioskydive.uk


    15SoF encourages lots of short messages. You get your 15 seconds of fame. But no more. Run over? We'll cut your message leading to some hilarious results.


    Listen to Ep 18 and hear Brian cut himself short when demonstrating the concept!

  • Heard the voices? Now meet the faces

    Introducing the gang.

    Brian Cumming

    Founder and Co-host

    Brian is a professional skydiver with 1800+ jumps. AFF Instructor, Bigway FS Load Organiser, Tunnel coach. World Record holder in both bigway FS and Wingsuit bigways, Blah blah, something funny.

    Craig Poxon

    Founder and Co-host

    Craig is a part time professional skydiver with nearly 5,000 jumps. He is our encyclopaedia of all things skydiving. AFF Instructor, Tandem Instructor, BASE jumper, National Champ at Speed Skydiving, Bigway FS World Record holder and has attended multiple World Championships filming his CF team. His beard recently graduated AFF and is now flying solo.

    Tash Higman

    Regular Studio host

    Tash is a multi-rated competition judge with 1,300 jumps. Her first jump was in 1997 and flew on her belly until she was on the 2005 15-way FAI World Record JFTC. She decided to use her canopy more and moved into competitive CF and more recently has been trying to fly on her head. She can't make recordings on Tuesdays because of choir rehearsals.

    Joel Gluth

    Regular Studio host

    Antipodean Joel has 1200 ish jumps and has an insightful comment about everything. You have to be 'this tall' to ride the Joellercoaster.

    Janina Heron

    Voice over lady

    Clear, warm, smooth and assured. You can hire her at www.janinaheron.com

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